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Bernabe Fillion

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Products Designer
Osamu Saruyama

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Born by facing the tradition of Japanese fragrance and returning to the origin of how to enjoy.
We deliver a scent that creates a "PAUSE" with uniqueness to you by snuggling up when facing yourself on a daily basis with reliable materials and technologies.

About us

The GEN GEN AN Phantom Project started in 2017 with the theme of in-houseing the charm of tea leaves, led by Hirotoshi Marukawa. While searching for the charm of tea leaves, I met the existence of a "chaka furnace" where you can enjoy sniffing without drinking. At this time, his interest in nature and Japaneseness deepened, not only in tea leaves, but also in his own possible time with an eye to modern life. The attempt, which started with Japanese craftsmen, welcomed musician Ichiro Yamaguchi, who met in 2017 and deepened exchanges through tea culture, and said, "Through "incense", we want to create a day with "wading" that is a Sense of Japanese Aesthetics. Marumika's desire harmonized, and it was newly started in 2020 as a brand of fragrance "MABOROSHI".

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