Fragrance Mist
Barnabe Fillion

-fragrance Mist-

The Fragrance Evolves Over Time. This is Where Our Story Can Be.

The scent of the -fragrance MIST-the smell of -fragrance MIST-that was born with Maboroshi and Barnarea is deep and steric, and after getting peaceful, the result of that scent is vague and recovering the tranquility of the heart. It will give you. And evolve with the passage of time, and our stories will be born there.

Perfumer Barnabe Fillion

"Nature beauty, scent with the beauty of Japan"
Barnabe Fillion is a scent that works with brands around the world, mainly in Europe, known by "Beautiful natural attraction and its scenery." He studies traditional technologies in Europe, along with botany studies, and loves natural materials that are natural and their grace. Through his many journey, interaction between people and culture, and encounters with great materials are used to create his attractive aroma.
This time, Barnabe is sympathetic and agree with our concept that "I want to create a day of" incense "and the beauty of Japan 's beauty. A Fragrance Mist was added to the "Natural Invasion" of "Natural Natural", which embodied his message, saying that many project experiences and their own potential.

  • Maboroshi41 TEA

    A model that symbolizes Maboroshi's view of Maboroshi, which is composed of tea leaves. Refreshingly spread, quiet and scented sweetness and scent drawn a nostalgic view like a run-like light. When you put the tea, enjoy the "sense of relief" that feels in the afterglow, with the scent.


    Message from the Barnabe Fillion

    Maboroshi 41 was inspired from the scene where Maboroshi 41 was inspired and extracted from the spacious scene, and the fresh green tea extracted with green tea, dried wood scent and only a little fragrant sweet I added it. This sweetness is a CO2 extracted from Akai Haikai, and it is slighty, but the ocean element is added, and the taste of the umami ingredients and tea leaves appear like magic. For me, the smell of tea is a deity, remembering the light of the moonlight reflected, and it is an image that is riding up on the roasted tea leaves.

  • Maboroshi10 MOSS

    A rich aroma is an impressive model that feels quiet and glossy. Yokko and sensual aroma links with a richly spreading view. When I entrust my body to the world, it is always wrapped in peace, and I have a calm settlement.


    Message from the Barnabe Fillion

    I was inspired by inspiration from the feel of the moss and the expression of the soil. The soil under the moss is silence, but dry soil is wet in the rain, and the wet soil is heated to dry, and the aroma is highlighted with the passage of time. The soil of the soil is a strong Bachi Bi, and the seductive Santar and my favorite grass scent. Hay is a very valuable essence that takes time to distill.

  • Maboroshi31 Hinoki

    Pureness and peace. The aroma with youthful and transparent is also a good warmth at the same time. A model that makes a solid feeling of happening three-dimensional feeling, which is a hidden scent of "", which is a scent that symbolizes Japan, and a passionate aroma that hits the back, and the overlap of them, rice field.


    Message from the Barnabe Fillion

    A number of sacred places to meet in a journey of Japan. From there, I was inspired, and a little irritating pink pepper is scented with a slightly stimulus pink peppy, and the essence extracted from the leaves and flow wood is the scent. It is a quiet image of the sacred forest that the dark smell feels for a moment of peace. For me, the cypress is a symbol of Japanese sacred places.

  • 3 Bottles set 41/10/31

    FRAGRANCE MIST "TEA / Tea" "MOSS / Moss" "Hinoki / Japanese Hinoki / Japanese". Barnabe has inspired from Japan's original style and enjoys the complex and deep aroma of essential oils made from natural materials in France.