Maboroshi 41 for Maison


※ The product of the image is a sample. The actual product is a slightly different material, specification, processing, size etc. are slightly different.

Green Tea / Black Tea / Oolong Tea / Igusa / AOMORI HIBA

The brand of Aomori Hiba, based on the thought of "MAISON", which holds the store in 11 wards of Paris, based on the thought of "enjoying all the time experienced through food, want to deliver a rich life" " CUL DE SAC-JAPON "and tea leaves for Thanchika furnaces jointly developed by the aroma brand" MABOROSHI ".

Infused and finished essential oil of natural hiver (Aomori) based on the aroma born from Japan tea, tea (Saga, Kagoshima), the aroma born from the aroma born from the aroma born from the aroma born by rice field. The smell of the smell (about 40-60 minutes once) along with time is that it drifts to develop a single story, brings quietness and peace of mind, and prepares the mind and body. Please enjoy the scent "Maboroshi 41 for Maison" that has natural materials born from tea and Japanese culture.


CUL DE SAC-japon

■ Contents: 35 g (5 g × 7 packages)
■ Materials:

Tea (domestic), Aomori Hiba essential oil (domestic)
■ Notes
· It is not for beverage. Do not put it in your mouth or swallow.
· After having a tea leaf, white crystals may come out in tea leaves. Please be assured that it is due to caffeine contained in tea leaves.