Fragrance Mist Maboroshi41 TEA


※ The product of the image is a sample. The actual product is a slightly different material, specification, processing, size etc. are slightly different.

A model that symbolizes Maboroshi's view of Maboroshi, which is composed of tea leaves. Refreshingly spread, quiet and scented sweetness and scent drawn a nostalgic view like a run-like light. When I put my tea, I feel a sense of sense of "relief",
Please enjoy in the expression of the aroma.

Message from the Garnabe Barnabe Fillion
Maboroshi 41 was inspired from the scene where Maboroshi 41 was inspired and extracted from the spacious scene, and the fresh green tea extracted with green tea, dried wood scent and only a little fragrant sweet I added it. This sweetness is a CO2 extracted from Akai Haikai, and it is slighty, but the ocean element is added, and the taste of the umami ingredients and tea leaves appear like magic. For me, the smell of tea is a deity, remembering the light of the moonlight reflected, and it is an image that is riding up on the roasted tea leaves.

■ Content volume: 100 ml
■ Materials: Modified Ethanol, essential oil
■ Perfumer: Barnabe Fillion  

Fragrance Mist Trial SetPresent
Fragrance MistTEA /tea""MOSS /moss""Hinoki /Japanese cypress" Any100 mlBottle1Every month first arrival for book purchase30Remaining other than purchase as a name2Seed mini-atomizer(Various5 ml)I will give you.

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FRAGRANCE MIST "TEA / Tea" "MOSS / Moss" "Hinoki / Japanese Hinoki / Japanese".
Barnabe has inspired from Japan's original style and enjoys the complex and deep aroma of essential oils made from natural materials in France.

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