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A rich aroma is an impressive model that feels quiet and glossy. Yokko and sensual aroma links with a richly spreading view. When I entrust my body to the world, it is always wrapped in peace, and I have a calm settlement.

Message from the  Barnabe Fillion
I was inspired by inspiration from the feel of the moss and the expression of the soil. The soil under the moss is silence, but dry soil is wet in the rain, and the wet soil is heated to dry, and the aroma is highlighted with the passage of time. The soil of the soil is a strong Bachi Bi, and the seductive Santar and my favorite grass scent. Hay is a very valuable essence that takes time to distill.

■ Content volume: 100 ml
■ Materials: Modified Ethanol, essential oil
■ Perfumer: Barnabe Fillion

Fragrance Mist Trial SetPresent
Fragrance MistTEA /tea""MOSS /moss""Hinoki /Japanese cypress" Any100 mlBottle1Every month first arrival for book purchase30Remaining other than purchase as a name2Seed mini-atomizer(Various5 ml)I will give you.

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FRAGRANCE MIST "TEA / Tea" "MOSS / Moss" "Hinoki / Japanese Hinoki / Japanese".
Barnabe has inspired from Japan's original style and enjoys the complex and deep aroma of essential oils made from natural materials in France.

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