About us

The GEN GEN AN "MABOROSHI" Project started in 2017 with the theme of in-houseing the charm of tea leaves, led by Hirotoshi Maruwaka. While searching for the charm of tea leaves, I met the existence of a "chaka furnace" where you can enjoy sniffing without drinking. At this time, his interest in nature and Japaneseness deepened, not only in tea leaves, but also in his own possible time with an eye to modern life. The attempt, which started with Japanese craftsmen, welcomed musician Ichiro Yamaguchi, who met in 2017 and deepened exchanges through tea culture, and said, "Through "incense", we want to create a day with "wading" that is a Sense of Japanese Aesthetics. Maruwaka's desire harmonized, and it was newly started in 2020 as a brand of fragrance "MABOROSHI".

set the clock to one's heart
To set a time in your mind.
Since ancient times, one of Japan's traditional aesthetics has been "beautiful life that looks like the ephemerality of a perishing thing". "Momentary ephemerality" and "pity of decaying things" seen in the flow of time called "the change of nature" are the aesthetics of "imperiousness" that The Japanese unconsciously seek in the inside of the mind.
Sleeping in people's memories, the nostalgic original scenery brings back the nostalgic smell of the past called "years of depression". "MABOROSHI", the fragrance that we chose and created, touches the "ma" that each person has through your five senses and nurtures a moment of peace
"In Search of a High-Quality Heart"
Without elegance of the heart, there is no elegance.
The fragrance of natural materials is gentle and brings comfortable "peace" to the mind and body.
The tools for creating a "healing space" will also be refined in search of high quality that can feel the likeness of "MABOROSHI" as well as "incense".

Project members

  • Hirotoshi Maruwaka Director
    Hirotoshi Maruwaka
  • Ichiro Yamaguchi Director
    Ichiro Yamaguchi
  • Eric PillaultArt Director
    Eric Pillault
  • Barnabe FillionPerfumer
    Barnabe Fillion