02.Meet With

Eric Pillault

First of all, from self-introduction.
My name is Barnabe Fillion. Based in France, I work in Mexico and Japan.
We are engaged in about 15 years in the creation of aroma in the perfume industry.

-Maboroshi Impression when receiving a project proposal-

I met in Paris, which was a director in Maboroshi, 2015. After that, I opened a little a while and traveled together Kyushu together and went to see tea cultivation. So I experienced tea ceremonies and the scent involved in it, and I was also moved by the first time I touched. Since then, we have built friends with round, so we came to talk about what aroma can be made on the theme of tea. It was a sense of making a lot of friends with friends with the same passion for me. When the Maboroshi project, which was born through such a period, I was very honored to have a voice that could be heard with Eric and Communication Sarah of Art Director.

-The role in this project-

I first started with the aroma analysis of tea and tea leaves, which is a raw material selected by the team. Mix them, or even the scent of the same view of the view, or even different aroma, and imagined the scent to be released in the space when it placed in the teacup furnace. As a result, we made essential oil based on the scented smell.

-Feelings in the scent of Maboroshi-

The most likely point of the finished scent is the use of 100 percent natural objects. Thanks to the rare thing that does not use the raw material, it was born with a spread-based smell. There is a Japanese soul, a sense of distance with people, and aggressive, but I think that Japan's figure is expressed, and it is thought that it is a grace that high quality resources and nature gave me humans.

-Reactions and relationships with nature and relationships-

I think that I have a heart to respect nature and rose. The grace received from the energy, tranquility and trees that nature brings is a festive that says richness and relief, and the relationship between nature and human being in harmony with nature is a great meaning.

-In the attraction of interchangeable culture-

I think this project member has a passion for everyone and has the same direction. In addition, Japanese people living in France have passions for our culture.
It was interesting that the end of the "Moss and Europe forests in the Japanese Forest and the European Forest Is the same smell", and this time using a French-style french organ, southern Buddha I distilled it with Grass to build a material. So we arrived at the idea that says, "Moss who crossed the continent". From this experience, my work style has become very rich.
For me, this Maboroshi project, who can feel the satisfaction of culture, is an attractive and interesting initiative.