Privacy policy

We at MARUWAKAYA Co.,Ltd. have established these privacy policies to recognize the importance of our customers' personal information and strive to protect our valuable customers' personal information.

December 1, 2020
Hirotoshi Marukawa, MARUWAKAYA Co., Ltd.

●Definition of Personal Information

Personal information refers to names, addresses, phone numbers, email addresses, and other information that can identify a specific individual.

●Appropriate Acquisition of Personal Information

At MARUWAKAYA Co.,Ltd., we may ask for personal information as needed. In these instances, we will clarify the usage purposes and collect, process, and handle personal information within the scope needed to accomplish the corresponding usage purposes.

●Usage Purposes

To provide notifications about or send our company's products, services, hosted events, holidays, and other items
To conduct market research, product development, usage condition research, and member management

●Usage Purpose Restrictions

Personal information will not be used outside of the usage purposes that are notified or published beforehand.

●Management of Personal Information

Personal information that is received from customers will be managed strictly through a server that theoretically cannot be accessed illicitly or by personnel in charge with management rights, who will carry out appropriate and reasonable safety measures to prevent leakage, falsification, and loss and strive to protect personal information.

●Outsourcing the Handling of Personal Information

Tasks related to the handling of personal information may be outsourced. In these instances, our company will select a company that can handle personal information appropriately, establish necessary items for the safe management of personal information and confidentiality in the outsourcing contract, and monitor the company to ensure that necessary and appropriate safe management measures are thoroughly in place.

●Provision of Personal Information to a Third Party

Information that is received from customers will not be provided to a third party.
However, there may be instances of provision to a third party under the following conditions only.

  • ・Our company is required by law to disclose it
  • ・It is necessary to protect a person's life, body, or assets and it is difficult to receive the customer's consent
  • ・If receiving the customer's consent may hinder a task that is mandated by law that we are cooperating with a judicial or executive agency to carry out

●Disclosure, Etc. of Personal Information

If an individual desires the disclosure etc. of the personal information they provided, we will comply within a reasonable extent following procedures established by our company.

●Compliance With Laws and Standards Regarding the Protection of Personal Information

Our company will comply with applicable laws and standards regarding the protection of personal information.

●Continuous Improvement of the Compliance Program Regarding the Protection of Personal Information

We will establish and operate a compliance program regarding the protection of personal information and strive to continuously improve this program.

●Inquiries Regarding Personal Information

Please reach out to for any inquiries regarding the personal information owned by our company.