Fragrance Mist Maboroshi31 Hinoki


※ The product of the image is a sample. The actual product is a slightly different material, specification, processing, size etc. are slightly different.

"MABOROSHI 31 Hinoki"
Pureness and peace. The aroma with youthful and transparent is also a good warmth at the same time. A model that makes a solid feeling of happening three-dimensional feeling, which is a hidden scent of "", which is a scent that symbolizes Japan, and a passionate aroma that hits the back, and the overlap of them, rice field.

Message from the Barnabe Fillion
A number of sacred places to meet in a journey of Japan. From there, I was inspired, and a little irritating pink pepper is scented with a slightly stimulus pink peppy, and the essence extracted from the leaves and flow wood is the scent. It is a quiet image of the sacred forest that the dark smell feels for a moment of peace. For me, the cypress is a symbol of Japanese sacred places.

■ Content volume: 100 ml
■ Materials: Modified Ethanol, essential oil
■ Perfumer: Barnabe Fillion  

Fragrance Mist Trial SetPresent
Fragrance MistTEA /tea""MOSS /moss""Hinoki /Japanese cypress" Any100 mlBottle1Every month first arrival for book purchase30Remaining other than purchase as a name2Seed mini-atomizer(Various5 ml)I will give you.

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FRAGRANCE MIST "TEA / Tea" "MOSS / Moss" "Hinoki / Japanese Hinoki / Japanese".
Barnabe has inspired from Japan's original style and enjoys the complex and deep aroma of essential oils made from natural materials in France.

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