02.Meet With

Eric Pillault

My name is Eric Pillault.
Based in France, I work in Paris and Kyoto.
For about 25 years, I have an art director and a graphic designer.

-Maboroshi Impression when receiving a project proposal-

It is about 10 years ago that I met Maruju-san, who serves as director in Maboroshi. He and his team and GEN GEN AN vision and EN TEA project to make together the opportunity to make together. So when I received this new proposal, I felt that "Jesus!" In a natural flow. Because participating in this new adventure was convinced that it was very exciting.

-The role in this project-

Built with a brand identity, visual, graphic and typography with the project team of Mr. Marujuju.

-Feelings in the scent of MABOROSHI-

It was also my thoughts from previously to French concept with the scent of Maboroshi's scent. Through this project, it was a good discovery that I met a new natural smell of the rose I know.

-Reactions and relationships with nature and relationships-

Japanese people continue to hold strong connections between nature and humans through gods, such as Shigeism, like Shinkyo. However, France and Europe have no such history and culture, and people have forgotten that people have a connection with nature. Through this project, we would like to deliver natural scents that French people still do not know yet.

-In the attraction of interchangeable culture-

What I felt in a year and a half year was the importance of cultural exchange with people. This thought became more stronger than before. Travel and meet new people and new cultures. It will grow us directly and interact with people and people.