※ The product of the image is a sample. The actual product is a slightly different material, specification, processing, size etc. are slightly different.

"Fascination / Enchanting"
Seductive Ruby Red Petals and Rozel with refreshing acidity are nutrient and rusted with beauty and healthy herbs, and it is said that Cleopatra, which is also a symbol of beauty, is also used. In addition, in ancient India and Egyptian royals, they were considered as a secret medicine for longevity and were essential to women's beauty.

A professional red color that attracts people as a symbol of beauty and life attracts things that see even in the field. Sucking colors and aromas will be deeply left to your memory, a sense of smelling and enjoying a narrative wine.

■ Contents: 10g (for 10 to 15 times)
■ Materials: Rosel (domestic)
■ Science name: Hibiscus sabdariffa
■ Material cooperation: Retocos