Holy Basil


※ The product of the image is a sample. The actual product is a slightly different material, specification, processing, size etc. are slightly different.

"Whisper / whisper"
Holie Badil with adorable light purple flowers has been worshiped as a holy plant from ancient times, is considered to be a Hindu goddess Lakshmy. Indian Traditional Medicine Ahuurveda is open as "immortal immortal padding" and still heals people's mind and body.

If you step into the field of Holy Badil, you will be gently with a gentle and refreshing smell from anywhere. It makes me a sense of relief that is likely to be vast naturally. Slowly breathing, sometimes nature and people are woven and intensely enveloped, and attracted to the sacred scent of wild grass beyond time.

■ Contents: 5g (for 10 to 15 times)
■ Materials: Holy Basil (domestic)
■ Science name
: Ocimum Tenuiflorum
■ Material cooperation: Retocos