Kouro # 01


* the image of the image is sample. Material, specification, processing, size may differ slightly from the actual product.
If you purchase Kouro and Maboroshi 41 at the same time, it will be shipped from all the items.

Kouro effectively spreads the scent while leaving the appearance of traditional incense burner, making use of material feeling.
Developed jointly with Marlo Hasami ware.
Enjoy the beauty of light leaking from the slit to improve the air street as well as fragrance.

Diameter: 15 cm
Height: 2cm
Material: Ceramic

Diameter: 13.5 cm
Height: 8 cm
Material: porcelain

Saruyama Osamu

Comes with Maboroshi 41 and candles for trial use.
Place the tea candle on the plate, and use Maboroshi 41.
Please make sure to use tea candle. Other candles will cause damage.
Please use this product in places where children and pets do not touch, please do not burn easily.
After use, it will cause damage when hot water or hot water.
Please do not carry with the fire in Kouro.
Please do not put the match with the candle in the candle.
Please do not touch Kouro during use. Please lift the edge of the dish carefully when removing the fire.
The replacement of Maboroshi 41 should be done after Kouro sufficiently cooled.