MABOROSHI 1st product launch

1st product "kouro # 01”&”maboroshi41 for kouro" release

From a long time ago, the scent that spread as an "original landscape" as a matter of course while the aesthetic sense of Japan was nurtured. "MABOROSHI" explores the charm of each one and creates "incense" and "tools for feeling incense" with our interpretation with craftsmen who support Japanese culture.

From noon today, 1st product "kouro # 01"When"maboroshi41 for kouroIs now on sale.

kouro # 01"" Was designed by Osamu Saruyama and carefully produced one by one by Mr. Maruhiro of Hasami-yaki.

maboroshi41 for kouroThe incense of "includes different teas such as Japanese tea, black tea, and oolong tea, and you can experience the fantastic euphoria when you drink tea and feel the different incense that changes over time.

I'd love tokouro # 01so,maboroshi41 for kouroPlease enjoy the incense of.