MABOROSHI web site open

Presided over Hirotoshi MarukawaStarted in 2017 with the theme of inting the charm of tea leaves GEN GEN AN 幻Project.
While searching for the charm of tea leaves, I met the existence of a "Tea incense burner" where you can enjoy sniffing without drinking.
At this time, his interest in nature and Japaneseness deepened, not only in tea leaves, but also in his own possible time with an eye to modern life.
The attempt, which started with Japanese artisans, was a musician who met in 2017 and deepened exchanges through tea culture. Ichiro YamaguchiThrough "incense", I want to create a day with "Calm" that is the aesthetic sense of Japan. Maruwaka's desire is harmonized, and the brand of fragrance "MABOROSHIIt has come to a new start in 2020.

As the first product to enjoy "incense", We have prepared "kouro #01"
and "maboroshi41".
There is a lot of fragrance in nature in the past and now. We are attracted to the scent and have been bringing it into our lives over the years.
In Japan, it has developed as a diverse culture, from tools to enjoy incense to works that deal with them.

As a product that allows you to experience MABOROSHI's philosophy and the blessings of nature as it is, "kouro #01" of the designer Osamu Saruyama With Hasami-yaki Maruhiro. "maboroshi41" was produced with EN TEA.

Sales will begin at noon on Sunday, January 24, 2021.